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Affordable housing 1

Invest in building modern "green" modular homes in Luhačovice. Unique affordable housing project for young families.

Reasons to buy this bond?

  • Meaningfulness – the investment will support young families with children to whom we will build new homes at an affordable price.
  • Tangibility – you're not investing in pipe dreams, but in real projects you can touch.
  • Liquidity – compared to investing in stocks, with us you invest in real estate developments that are highly liquid.
Atractive yield 8.8% p.a.
Min. bond value CZK 25 000
Holding yield period Quarterly
Due date 18. 11. 2024
PFC Invest

About the company

The Issuer PFC Invest s.r.o. is an independent company based on the fundamentals of P&F Company s.r.o., a successful partner of major automotive companies and importers of paints, oils and car cosmetics.

What we will use the gathered money for?

We will use the proceeds of the issue for the land purchase and utility constructions in Luhačovice, as well as the construction of 10 family modular green houses for young families with children.

The cost of the Bond issue preparation was approximately CZK 100 000,- The costs of the distribution will be approximately CZK 2 350 000,- The total cost of the issue was CZK 2 450 000,- The net yield of the entire Bonds issue will be equal to the issue rate of all issued Bonds after deducting costs of the issue preparation and distribution, i.e. CZK 44 550 000,- The entire proceeds will be used for the above the aforementioned purpose. For further information, please refer to the Final Terms & Conditions of the Issue.


The company has property and liability insurance with a limit of indemnity of CZK 100 000 000,-

PFC Invest calculator

Calculate your PFC Invest bond yield

Your investment
CZK 25 000
min. CZK 25 000

What is the yield

Number of bonds: 1 pcs
Quarterly payout: CZK 550
Total yield at the end of due : CZK 4 400
Quick investment comparison:
Guaranteed profit. Invest in PFC Invest bonds with a guaranteed yield of 8.8%.
The average yield in the real estate bond market is about 6%. Rather invest in PFC Invest bonds with a guaranteed yield of 8.8%.
Inflation will eat your money in the bank. The average value of money in a savings account is 0.5%. Rather invest in PFC Invest bonds with a guaranteed 8.8% yield.
Stocks are very risky and literally like a missile. They can make you good money, but you can also lose your own pants. Rather invest in PFC Invest bonds with a guaranteed 8.8% yield.
PFC Invest

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