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Why PFC Invest

We are group of private investors with the investment vision of meaningful projects you can touch.
you're not investing in pipe dreams, but in real projects you can touch.
Yield 8.8% p.a.
Above-standard valuation of 8.8% p.a. for investors who are not afraid to invest in meaningful projects.

About us

  • We have experience in investing in real estate projects and we're not afraid to invest in startups and established companies.
  • We create our own investment development projects and so invest in ourselves.
  • We work hard on our own projects to succeed. That's the only way to get a meaningful return on the money we invest.
About us

We're heading up and YOU can come with us

At PFC Invest, we are clear. We're not just after value for money. We want to leave something tangible behind, that benefits real people. And you can help us to do that now.
PFC Invest

Our team

František Provodovský

František Provodovský

I was terribly annoyed that in Czech and Moravia, there are no new homes at an affordable price. That's why my colleagues and I decided to build such homes and offer it to young families. I believe its possible to do a good business in a balanced way, so that we not only make a profit, but also prosper to the society in which we do the business. That's why with our projects we don't go "overpriced" like conventional developers. We want to make a meaningful profit so that ordinary people can afford our homes. Anyone can build an overpriced house. The real challenge for us is to build an affordable home that's nice and great quality.
Jan Brichta

Jan Brichta

My role is to prepare investment projects and make sure that all our contractors know what to do and have everything they need. Previously, I worked for several years in event management and production, so multitasking is no issue for me. The work in events was varied, but with the time I rather desired to work on projects with a greater sense for me and people around. I'm glad I'm able to fulfill that vision right now at PFC Invest.
Miroslav Matis

Miroslav Matis

I am the Chief Operating Officer and at PFC Invest I take care of the entire company smooth running. Our investment clients communicate directly with me. My motto: "I am not evaluated by my work, but by the work of the people in my team. If they messed up, I messed up."
PFC Invest calculator

Calculate your PFC Invest bond yield

Your investment
CZK 25 000
min. CZK 25 000

What is the yield

Number of bonds: 1 pcs
Quarterly payout: CZK 550
Total yield at the end of due : CZK 4 400
Quick investment comparison:
Guaranteed profit. Invest in PFC Invest bonds with a guaranteed yield of 8.8%.
The average yield in the real estate bond market is about 6%. Rather invest in PFC Invest bonds with a guaranteed yield of 8.8%.
Inflation will eat your money in the bank. The average value of money in a savings account is 0.5%. Rather invest in PFC Invest bonds with a guaranteed 8.8% yield.
Stocks are very risky and literally like a missile. They can make you good money, but you can also lose your own pants. Rather invest in PFC Invest bonds with a guaranteed 8.8% yield.
PFC Invest

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