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Important information about the PFC Invest bond programme.
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Why should I invest in PFC Invest bonds?

The investment in PFC Invest real estate bonds is meaningful and balanced. Not only we will evaluate your money above average compared to other real estate bonds available on the market, but in addition you will support young families with children, for whom we are building family houses in Luhačovice within project Affordable housing 1.

Do I pay any fees?

No. You do not pay any entry or other fees for investing in bonds in PFC Invest.

How risky is investing in your bonds?

We minimize the risk by investing money in our own development projects in Prague, Beroun, Zlín and Luhačovice and the surrounding area. Demand of modern residential real estates exceeds over the supply in these locations, and in the near future we can expect the price of real estates to increase.

How do you protect my investment? Won't you go bankrupt?

Don't worry, your money is safe with us. We have a reliable insurance policy for CZK 100 million to cover most liabilities. But keep in mind, that we invest in our projects our own money and we do everything we can to make sure we get a return on our investment.

How much is the minimum investment?

You can invest from CZK 25 000,- This is the nominal value of one bond. However, there is no limit on your investment and if you want to buy bonds for 10 million, please contact us.

What you will use the money from the bonds for?

We will use the proceeds of the issue for the land purchase and utility constructions in Luhačovice, as well as the construction of 10 family modular green houses for young families with children.

The cost of the Bond issue preparation was approximately CZK 100 000,- The costs of the distribution will be approximately CZK 2 350 000,- The total cost of the issue was CZK 2 450 000,- The net yield of the entire Bonds issue will be equal to the issue rate of all issued Bonds after deducting costs of the issue preparation and distribution, i.e. CZK 44 550 000,- The entire proceeds will be used for the above the aforementioned purpose. For further information, please refer to the Final Terms & Conditions of the Issue.

How is investing in PFC Invest bonds different from other real estate bonds?

The average yield in the real estate bond market is about 6% p.a. Rather invest in PFC Invest with a guaranteed yield of 8.8%. p.a.

Do I have to tax the earned money?

Yes, but we pay the tax for you, so you get paid the taxed amount. From all the yields we pay to the tax authorities the statutory withholding tax of 15%.
PFC Invest
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Active investment projects

Affordable housing 1
Atractive yield 8.8% p.a.
Min. bond value CZK 25 000
Holding yield period Quarterly

Affordable housing 1

Invest in building modern "green" modular homes in Luhačovice. Unique affordable housing project for young families.
More information
Bartošovice Logistics Complex
Atractive yield 8.8% p.a.
Min. bond value CZK 25 000
Holding yield period Quarterly

Bartošovice Logistics Complex

We are investing in the land preparation with the following construction of a logistics complex in the Nový Jičín region.

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Projects successfully funded

Glycanostics | Projects successfully funded


Slovak biotech leader with a breakthrough solution in early cancer diagnosis.

The company was founded in 2017 by two renowned Slovak scientists - Ján Tkáč and Tomáš Bertók. With experience from prestigious foreign universities and more than 160 research papers and 3,900 citations, they are among the world's most highly regarded experts.

SEC Technologies | Projects successfully funded

SEC Technologies

Technology company from Slovakia, which develops high-end remote detectors of chemical and biological substances in the air. The groundbreaking Falcon 4G detector can detect, identify and quantify chemicals with up to 30 times higher sensitivity than passive detectors thanks to its unique laser technology.

SEC Technologies' detectors have been used in the Iraq war. The defence forces of Slovakia, Hungary and more recently, the US armed forces are equipped with them.

SmartHead | Projects successfully funded


A digital platform for managing and evaluating corporate sustainability activities. SmartHead tracks and compares the activities of all types of companies in one place. This enables companies to build trust with potential clients and communicate with the public, corporate partners and investors.

In its first year of existence, the company became the Slovak winner of the Chivas the VENTURE competition, which earned it participation in the Innovation Accelerator in Oxford.

isklad | Projects successfully funded


The isklad service provides e-shops with a distribution centre, warehouse space and software for automated process management all at one place. This makes logistics and operations much easier. For isklad customers, this means savings in operations costs. In 2020, isklad achieved a turnover of EUR 2.8 million.

Footshop | Projects successfully funded


Footshop is a lovebrand among sneaker retailers. It has become an inseparable part of the sneaker community in Central and Eastern Europe. It has exclusive partnerships with sneaker manufacturers of various brands and Footshop stores can be found in four European cities. During 2017-2019, it managed to double its turnover to CZK 760 million and in 2020, despite the stores closure due to the pandemic, it reached sales of CZK 850 million. | Projects successfully funded

JiSit is a Czech ICT startup that resolves outages of corporate IT networks, increases the security of corporate VPNs, delivers high-end network HW elements at surprising prices and reduces the costs of running a quality secure network.

PFC Invest calculator

Calculate your PFC Invest bond yield

Your investment
CZK 25 000
min. CZK 25 000

What is the yield

Number of bonds: 1 pcs
Quarterly payout: CZK 550
Total yield at the end of due : CZK 4 400
Quick investment comparison:
Guaranteed profit. Invest in PFC Invest bonds with a guaranteed yield of 8.8%.
The average yield in the real estate bond market is about 6%. Rather invest in PFC Invest bonds with a guaranteed yield of 8.8%.
Inflation will eat your money in the bank. The average value of money in a savings account is 0.5%. Rather invest in PFC Invest bonds with a guaranteed 8.8% yield.
Stocks are very risky and literally like a missile. They can make you good money, but you can also lose your own pants. Rather invest in PFC Invest bonds with a guaranteed 8.8% yield.

Important legal notice

This website is a promotion of PFC Invest s.r.o., ID 08854424, with registered office at PFC Invest s.r.o., Rybná 716/24, 110 00 Prague, as the issuer of the bonds promoted here. The prospectus of the bonds promoted herein has been published and is available in electronic form on the issuer's website, in the section marked "For investors", and at the issuer's office at Přetlucká 3354/12, 100 00 Prague 10. There are risks associated with an investment in the Bonds. The return on investment in the Bonds is not guaranteed. More information can be found in the prospectus. Expected performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Tax treatment depends on the personal circumstances of each investor and may change in the future. This document is not a proposal to enter into any contract. Any decision to subscribe for the Bonds advertised must be based solely on the information contained in the Prospectus and any supplements thereto taken as a whole and the terms of the offer, including each potential investor's separate assessment of the riskiness of an investment in the Bonds, and should be made with the consideration of the principle of proper diversification with respect to exposure to any one issuer.

By the decision on the approval of the prospectus, the Czech National Bank certifies that the approved prospectus contains the information required by law necessary for the investor to make a decision whether or not it would acquire the security. An investor should always assess the profitability of an investment on the basis of knowledge of the prospectus full contents. The Czech National Bank does not assess the economic results or financial situation of the issuer and by approving the prospectus does not guarantee the future profitability of the issuer or its ability to repay the proceeds or the nominal value of the bond.

PFC Invest s.r.o. recommends each potential investor to read the prospectus together with its final terms and conditions before making an investment decision. Primarily to fully understand the potential risk and return associated with the decision to invest in the securities.

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