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Investing in bonds

Investing in PFC Invest bonds is the right way to effectively value your spare money. You can find our own real estate bonds or corporate bonds of interesting Czech companies.

By investing in bonds you will get passive income

Think of yourself, your children, and what you will leave behind. This can be a responsible way of living, where you focus your attention not only on your work and the environment you live in, but also on yourself as a person. Financial independence also falls into the category of freedom for each of us today. The moment you can indulge in all that the current market has to offer. It is only up to you how you choose to live your life.

In order to live freely and not have to devote your days to work, there is a passive income option for you in the form of bond investments. Let your money grow in value. Or even better, let us make your money grow in value and you don't worry about a thing.

We help you grow

Our business is not based on profit only. We also feel responsible for the way we live and the feeling we go to work with every morning. That's why a part of our profits go to charitable projects and support non-profit organizations. Because we believe that helping makes a difference. Just as we help you to achieve your dreams, we also help those who have fallen on hard times. Everybody needs support from time to time and we are glad that we are the ones who can provide a helping hand.

The benefits of investment bonds

There are a number of benefits to investing in bonds. When you choose the right projects, it is a safe way to value money that would otherwise sit in an account and lose value. We offer our clients fixed interest rate from 8.8% p.a.

In addition, you can buy bonds for relatively low amounts and it is up to you how much you decide to invest and what your regular quarterly profit will be. You know in advance, of course, when you will get a return on your investment.

We can help you

Investing in bonds has never been easier. Our team of specialists with years of experience is here for you. We'll explain everything you need to know. Contact us and start living your new life today.

Important legal notice

This website is a promotion of PFC Invest s.r.o., ID 08854424, with registered office at PFC Invest s.r.o., Rybná 716/24, 110 00 Prague, as the issuer of the bonds promoted here. The prospectus of the bonds promoted herein has been published and is available in electronic form on the issuer's website, in the section marked "For investors", and at the issuer's office at Přetlucká 3354/12, 100 00 Prague 10. There are risks associated with an investment in the Bonds. The return on investment in the Bonds is not guaranteed. More information can be found in the prospectus. Expected performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Tax treatment depends on the personal circumstances of each investor and may change in the future. This document is not a proposal to enter into any contract. Any decision to subscribe for the Bonds advertised must be based solely on the information contained in the Prospectus and any supplements thereto taken as a whole and the terms of the offer, including each potential investor's separate assessment of the riskiness of an investment in the Bonds, and should be made with the consideration of the principle of proper diversification with respect to exposure to any one issuer.

By the decision on the approval of the prospectus, the Czech National Bank certifies that the approved prospectus contains the information required by law necessary for the investor to make a decision whether or not it would acquire the security. An investor should always assess the profitability of an investment on the basis of knowledge of the prospectus full contents. The Czech National Bank does not assess the economic results or financial situation of the issuer and by approving the prospectus does not guarantee the future profitability of the issuer or its ability to repay the proceeds or the nominal value of the bond.

PFC Invest s.r.o. recommends each potential investor to read the prospectus together with its final terms and conditions before making an investment decision. Primarily to fully understand the potential risk and return associated with the decision to invest in the securities.

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